Why one should visit Kerala?

There are some places that are described as paradise on earth but none is given the title of God’s Own Country save the green southern Indian state of Kerala. The natural wealth in this state is very opulent and so is the natural beauty. So if one is thinking of taking any kind of vacation, be it a family holiday or an adventure trip, Kerala should be the destination to go to.

Still if you are not sure enough why you should tour Kerala then the following reasons might convince you otherwise.

  • The mountains of Kerala are very verdant and serene. The Anamalai Range is the cradle of aesthetic tea plantations, coffee cultivation, ayurvedic plants and variant spices. Moreover, the beautiful hill stations of Munnar & Periyar will allow you to absorb the freshness of nature at its best.
  • The sanctuaries, the lakes and the waterfalls scattered all over the topography of the Kerala makes the state a natural habitat for wildlife.
  • However, the backwaters of Kerala is the USP of this tourism. The canal network that leads to the estuarine Alleppy beach by the Arabian Sea coast is the most vibrant patch of local exuberance. From enjoying boat races to staying on luxurious houseboats, it is very enthralling.
  • The beaches of Kerala like the Lighthouse Beach and the Varakal Beach are gorgeous sun kissed coastlines that allows you to indulge in reprieve and exciting water activities.
  • The temples, the churches, the historic buildings and the parks in the cities of Kerala compile quite a sightseeing route.
  • And the spicy cuisine, the vibrant art & culture and the welcoming people of Kerala will definitely make you fall in love with the Spice Capital of India.


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