Unknown facts about Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Planning a trip to the Andamans or looking for some fun places to see? Here are some unknown facts about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, the most spoken in a language in the Andamans is Bengali followed by Hindi and Tamil and Telegu. Andamanese is not in the picture.
  2. The islands got their names from ancient history. Andaman was derived from Hanuman, known as Handuman to the Malays and Nicobar was derived from the South Indian term Nakkavaram which means Land of the Naked.
  3. The Andamans are home to the world’s largest sea turtles.
  4. The Pandunus or Nicobar breadfruit is a specialty of the Nicobar Islands.
  5. Commercial fishing is strictly banned in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.
  6. It is also home to the only active volcano in India, the Barren Island. In fact, the Andamans is the only island to contain mud volcanoes at Baratang.
  7. The 20 rupee note of the Indian Currency depicts the picturesque bay which is the view from the Mount Harriet peak in the Andamans.
  8. India’s first commercial seaplane Jal Hans was launched from the Andamans.
  9. Indira point which is the southernmost point of India was lost to the 2004 Tsunami.
  10. Katchal Islands in the Andamans was the first place to receive the sunrise in this millennium.
  11. The Andamans also housed the jail for the worst punishment given to offenders, known as ‘KaalaPaani’. The prison is now open to tourists and presents a light and sound show with glimpses into the past.
  12. The Andamans proudly recorded 197 different species of coral of which 111 were newly identified.
  13. The largest living, Coconut crabs are found here. They hate water and eat tender coconuts which is where they got their name from.
  14. The tribes Inhabiting these islands don’t interact with tourists or outsiders.
  15. 2 islands , the Havelock and the Neil Islands are actually named after 2 officers of the East India Company.

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