Free Things to do in Europe

If there’s anything better than marking stuff off your ever-growing European Must-see list, when you visit Europe, it’s not investing a dime. From Rome to Istanbul, from cheese-tasting to

7 Not to Miss Experiences in Europe

The stunning scenery, architectural beauty, rich cultural heritage, culinary adventures, and gastronomic delights of Europe can never be enough. To help you plan the European dream holiday, here’

Best places to visit in Assam

The North Eastern state of Assam is an ideal vacation spot for those in love with the enchanting culture and natural beauty. From its exotic tribal tradition, the engrossing islands, the green tea gar

Unknown Facts about 12 Jyotirlinga

Jyotirlingam in Sanskrit means the pillar of light. It signifies places where Lord Shiva, the God of strength with powers to heal, is worshipped. These are considered to be very sacred and powerful pl

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