Free Things to do in Europe

If there’s anything better than marking stuff off your ever-growing European Must-see list, when you visit Europe, it’s not investing a dime. From Rome to Istanbul, from cheese-tasting to cycling, from wine drinking to art and all in between, let’s make 2020 the year we’re feeling frugal in Europe this summer!

Here are some of the free things to do in Europe:

  • Drive along the Venice canals.
  • Taking in the imposing architectural details in Spain
  • Travel from Buda to Pest
  • Catch a lunch beneath Paris ‘ Eiffel Tower
  • Embark on Wien art walk.
  • Catch an outdoor cinema in Austria
  • Take a # selfie at Buckingham Palace, with soldiers.
  • Go diving in Navagio Beach’s crystal clear seas, in Greece
  • Stay up close and personal with Copenhagen’s Little mermaid
  • Hop your way across northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway
  • Chase Norway’s northern lights
  • See a famous chef make pizza fresh in Rome
  • Catch Cappadocia’s Sunrise
  • Look at Lisbon’s 17th Street. Clock up several miles and stroll from your hotel to see the Eiffel run.
  • Get to know the difference between man and hunger in Madrid
  • Get to learn Bran Castle’s spooky past in Romania
  • Czech out all of Prague 22’s amazing views.
  • Check for Germany’s best free exhibits.
  • Gaze up the
  • Geneva lights.
  • Soak up Coliseum’s continuous history
  • Explore the elegance of Granada’s public gardens.
  • Check for Florence’s best-hidden gelato stores.
  • See Nessie in Scotland at Loch Ness.
  • In Istanbul, you reach two worlds at once
  • In Cyprus, take a nap under the heat.
  • Hold up Pisa’s Leaning Tower in Italy for final Instagram photo
  • Take a stroll through Castle in Prague.
  • Get your Dubrovnik Game of Thrones on and climb city walls.
  • Drive around London, notorious Thames.
  • Shock at the Berlin Wall Remains in Germany
  • Re-enact the musical sound in Salzburg

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