Lesser known facts about Sikkim you should know before travelling to Sikkim

Planning to visit the tiniest states of India? Sikkim is a mesmerizing state which is filled with wonder as well as beauty. The snow-capped peaks, eye-catchy waterfalls, rambling tea garden as well as beautiful green valleys of Sikkim are sure a treat to the eyes.

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Here are some unknown and lesser-known facts about Sikkim that are sure to leave you surprised.

  • Tsogmo Lake is one of the most attractive lakes in Sikkim which is known to have an urban legend behind it. A few years ago tribal people used to live at this place and among them, there was an old village woman who said that soon the water is going to swallow this place and nothing will be left here except the water.No one was ready to listen to her so she decided to leave the place with her yak. Just after two weeks, the entire place was flooded in water and no one was left. From that day, native people from Sikkim visit this place and pray the spirits of the dead.
  • There is also a natural hot spring in Sikkim about which many tourists are not aware. It is located on the top of a mountain in Lachung.
  • When you will visit Sikkim you will find colorful little flags that are hung almost everywhere. These Chinese flags are known to bring good luck to the place where they are hung.
  • If you are one of them who is a late riser and late sleeper then Sikkim is the best place for you to get back on the track.

Therefore, these are some lesser-known facts about Sikkim that you need to know before visiting there.

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