Why one should visit Pondicherry in this year

Also known as the ‘French Capital of India’, the vibrant city of Pondicherry at the south–eastern coast of India is a popular tourist destination. There are many reasons why Pondicherry or Puducherry must be in your travel list.

The magnificent coastal town of Pondicherry had been a point of interest for many from the early days. The foreign invaders like the Dutch, the French, the Portuguese and the English have colonized in this particular city. Large churches, quaint colonial buildings and French cafes located at various parts of the town till this day give a glimpse of those eras.

The pristine beaches are one of the major attractions of Pondicherry. Getting soaked under the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing in these serene beaches is what make it more desirable. You can also kick start your adrenaline by engaging in various water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and surfing. The calm Auroville beach, the famous Serenity beach, Promenade beach and Paradise beach are some of the popular beaches which must be visited.

You can find picturesque instances of French colonial architecture in the buildings of “White Town” neighbourhood. The effervescent mustard and white houses, boutiques, cafes and seafront fill with French Chateaus encompassed by colourful bougainvillea flowers that can remind you of any vibrant French city.

Travelling to the township of Auroville, a few kilometres from Pondicherry is a fascinating destination. The Matrimandir meditation centre, the botanical garden, Boutique d’ Auroville and the delicious food at Auroville Bakery and Boulangerie must not be missed at any cost.

The lip smacking fusion cuisine with a blend of French, South Indian and other European flavours is another reason for Pondicherry becoming a popular tourist destination.

The town also houses numerous beautiful churches with gothic architecture and ornate sculptured temples that stand strong magnificently for many centuriestill this day.

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