Things solo travelers should know before travelling

Most of us picture travel as an experience to share with loved ones, families or friends. However, with hectic schedules and the inability to co-ordinate a suitable time for everyone, solo trips are gaining tremendous popularity. If you’re traveling solo, here are some tips we at VDP travels live by to help you along the way.

1. Choose your destination smartly where locals are friendly and there isn’t much of a language barrier for you.2. Pack light since you’re going to be carrying your luggage around yourself. Try to blend in with the local dress code and not be very touristy if you want to explore the real destination.

3. Book accommodation in advance at least for the first couple nights to ensure you’re not stranded in case of any hiccups.

4. Devise a communication plan to make sure someone knows your whereabouts from time to time. A good idea is to share your basic itinerary with someone back at home or Social media updates, even if only with your close friends.

5. Always carry copies of important documents separate from the originals – If unfortunately you lose your belongings or get robbed, it’ll be much easier to work your way around if you have hard copies or copies scanned to your laptop or your email or the cloud.

6. Reach out across your network – once you’ve booked your trip, connect with friends asking them for suggestions if they’ve visited the place before or if they know someone in the locality you can meet. You’ll end up expanding your circle of friends too.

7. Don’t overschedule your itinerary. Give yourself time to explore local areas and eateries or just sit at a café with a book and enjoy the view.

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