Interesting facts about Bali

Bali is the latest star in the tourism horizon. For enjoying a relaxing tropical vacation with family or hosting a beach destination wedding, Bali is the top choice for everyone. This island is a small wonder in the Pacific Ocean overflowing with natural richness, rich culture and vibrant lifestyle. So, if you are willing to visit Bali any time soon then it is better to get acknowledged with some of the intriguing facts about this exotic holiday destination.

  • Bali is in the center of the Coral Triangle of the Pacific Ocean and hence it derives its exotic natural beauty from this diverse natural maritime abundance.
  • Even though the country of Indonesia is a major Muslim community still Hinduism is the most populous faith in Bali.
  • Did you know that the government of Bali pays the priest? It is true.
  • Mount Agung & Mount Batur are the twin active volcanoes in Bali.
  • Due to volcanic origin, Black Sand is ample in the beaches of Bali.
  • The biggest industry of Bali is tourism. Hence, travelling to & touring Bali is a best way to experience the life there.
  • Bali has only two seasons – tropical wet season and tropical dry season.
  • According to the Pawukon Calendar 1 year has 210 days. Since this the official calendar of Bali, hence the country has only 210 days.
  • Dolphins are one of the main attractions of Bali tourism as the seas are filled with these aquatic athletes.
  • Kopi Luwak is world’s most expensive coffee brew found & produced only in Bali.
  • In Bali, there are no entrances as they always welcome visitor with open hearts & warmth.
  • People of Bali believe that filling teeth ward off evil spirits.
  • In Bali culture kids have 4 names.
  • Silent festival is a unique Bali tradition. People celebrate the Neypi Day by not celebrating it. No electricity, no travel, no work, no noise and no interaction only self-reflecting meditation.

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