Interesting Travel fact you should know about India

India is the land of history and the land of mystics. But one this is definite that India is one of the favorite travel destinations in the world, for both the people in the country and for the people visiting from abroad. So, if you have already planned to travel to the hill stations, the temple towns or the cities, then you should at least have some knowhow about the interesting travel facts about this ancient country. Let’s hear out

  • One of the sacred and oldest inhabited cities in the world is Varanasi.

  • Maharashtra’s Lonar Lake is made because of a meteor drop.

  • World’s wettest place Mawsynram is located in Meghalays, India.

  • Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir hosts the boathouse post office, the only floating one in the world.

  • The Maharashtra village name Shani Shingnapur is quite unique because all the houses here are without any doors.

  • Chail in Himachal Pradesh has the world’s highest cricket playing ground.

  • India is the world’s biggest milk producer. Gujarat contributes a lion share in this record.

  • The gathering at the Allahabad Kumbh Mela is so grand & populated that it is visible from the space.

  • World’s tallest railway bridge is in India. The rail route in Jammu & Kashmir over the Chenab River has the highest arch bridge.

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