Amazing facts about Chardham yatra

Chardham is among the most important and sacred of pilgrimages in the Hindu religion. The yatra includes four sacred destinations, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath lying in the mountainous areas of Uttrakhand. Visiting them is believed to bring Moksha or ultimate salvation for the devotees.

The holy yatra comprises of a Parikrama, a sacred pilgrimage from West to East. It starts from Yamunotri Temple, lying in the west of Garhwal, followed by Gangotri Temple and the Kedarnath Temple ending at Badrinath Temple, which lies in the east of the region.

Some fascinating facts about Chardham which will make you want to book a trip right-away

  1. Blowing a Conch at the CharDham is banned due to the belief that a demon called Vatapi is housed in the conch and blowing the Conch would help him escape.
  2. The water of the Surya Kund, a natural hot spring located near the glacier of Yamunotri is hot enough for Prasad to be cooked in it within minutes.
  3. The Tapt Kund, a hot spring below Badrinath Temple is believed to be the abode of Lord Agni. Its’ water is known to have curative properties and pilgrimages take a dip here before going to the temple.
  4. It is also believed that in the future the mountains of Jaya and Vijay will merge and the arm of Lord Narasingha will fall making the Badrinath and Kedarnath temples inaccessible.
  5. It is also believed that the original Kedarnath Temple was built by the Pandavas, who came here in search of Lord Shiva as they wanted to repent their deeds after the Mahabharata.
  6. According to mythology, The Jalmagna Shivlinga, is the place where Ganga was held in the locks of Lord Shiva. The natural rock formation is located near Gangotri temple and lies immersed in water, becoming visible only when the level recedes in winter.

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