Adventurous things to do in international city

When we say that we want to visit a city it seldom crosses our mind that the trip could be adventurous. The matter of the fact is we have type casted adventure with wilderness. But when you will visit the Asia’s best 3 tourist destinations then your mind-set is bound to get upheaveled.

The land of the thunder dragon, Bhutan is one of the most serene princely countries in the cradle of the Himalayas that not only allows you the experience bliss but also presents you with the scope to let the adrenaline run wild. The Hanging Bridge trip by the ancient Dzong in Punakha will rock your adventurous streak when the wind will wobble the entire foothold hundreds of feet over a deep gorge. The trek to the Tiger’s Nest Taktsang Monastry is both enthralling & enlightening.

When visiting the city of life, Dubai, you will feel that luxury has its own line of adventure. From the illusion house in the Dubai Museum to the indoor skydivers’ zone and from the Arabian Sand trip to the surreal hot air balloon ride through the skyline of the city, every activity is enamoured with a strong dose of adventure.

And finally, flying back to the hottest tourism destination on the Pacific coast, Thailand, you will get nothing less than sheer entertainment adventure here. Whether you are an outdoor person or an indoor one, this city has everything for everyone.

Sky diving from a plane thousands of feet in the air, zip lining through a dense tropical forest, sea kayaking & snorkelling in the waters, mountain bike rides, waterfalls abseiling, river rafting, caving, trekking and visiting sanctuaries, you can always let loose your imagination, passion and body here in a heartbeat in these exciting activities.

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